Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The mighty Karkadann - resin masters

Anvil Industry have cast me some resin masters of my fantasy rhino creature!

To recoup the costs of production, Anvil are offering a limited number on sale here -

I'm really happy with them, I want to dive in and start converting some right away....but I really must focus - first up I'll be making some armoured versions for my Fallen Dwarves to ride around. They'll be heavy assault cavalry, naturally!

Then who knows, the sky's the limit with them... they could pull a war wagon, or a chariot, and I'm sure my ski-fi desert range could use some beasts of burden.

Here's some other shots.... they come with tails but they're still on the sprues. These images are of the actual cleaned up masters I'm about to start sculpting over!

Obligatory ubiquitous scale shot below...

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  1. Really looking forward to the Fallen Dwarf version of these, my army could do with some nice heavy cavalry.