Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fallen Dwarves - wave 2 paints

Quite pleased with how this little range is developing!

I'm itching to try another colour scheme and technique on them but alas I'm committed to doing the entire range like this fist (so that means I have 25 more to paint... before I sculpt the wave 3 miniatures).

Pick some up at the link below if you like them, huge thank you for the support!

On a personal note, these are for my own fantasy setting, but I also use them in the Lord of the Rings strategy battle game... they make great eastern dwarves of dubious loyalties. (...and I scaled the miniatures to match the LOTR range)


  1. Beautiful dwarves, no doubt!

  2. They're my favourite range of miniatures, always looking forward to new releases.
    Though the rule sets we use vary we're always playing within the LOTR world and these fit in wonderfully.

    1. Of course, and I have your KoW list for these on file. Would like to do a Dragon Rampant one soon.

  3. Hi, looking forward to buying some of your dwarfs but have been holding off because the command has shown as out of stock since May last year. Can you nag Anvil to get this sorted please? Regards, Ade.

  4. I can't influence Anvil on this unfortunately! We will see a Fallen Dwarf resurgence this summer so the command will definitely be back.