Sunday, 7 August 2016

#ShoutOut# Supreme Littleness, laser cut terrain

Yesterday I went to Claymore, the annual Edinburgh miniature wargame show run by SESWC (South East Scotland Wargames Club).

It was my second ever visit to the show, the first time being two years ago (last year I think I was on holiday.) It's quite a sin since the venue is 10 minutes walk from my house!

Anyway, I got talking to nice chap about his Romano-British display table which was based on/inspired by a Roman fort that was located at Cramond. The actual site is about a mile from where I live so it was a nice local theme for the show.

Turns out the displays creator is also Edinburgh based and designs and produces laser cut terrain - Supreme Littleness.

Really nice stuff, please check out his website!

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