Sunday, 13 March 2016

Jumping the shark with 25mm heroic.

This is a strange little personal project, which I'll make no excuses for other than mild curiosity!

Commissioning the mold and some casts will cost me about £150-£200 so it's not a major endeavor.

Following the purchase of some power armoured super humans... I want some mild mannered run of the mill cannon fodder human soldiers. Done in a heroic style, with a 25mm height, I'm targeting a stylistic cohesion with the addition of a visible difference is size. The superhuman's will look superhuman!

The miniatures are in 3 parts, legs, torso and head. The torso's have the rifles attached but even then, 5 different torso's with 5 different legs will provide 25 individual poses.

Then there's the heads, I've gone overkill and have 7 different styles! 35 heads in total will be included in the mold!

I've also thrown in 3 blank torso's so I can make characters, command and support miniatures.

This is purely for personal use but I might have some available to purchase for any mad modeller's out there that want to give it a try!

Off to the mold maker these go. 2 legs weren't photographed here, I'm still working on the "conversion bits" that will use the free space above them in the mold.


  1. Really good. You seem very productive. Is that pro-create putty you are using?

  2. Procreate predominantly yes! Super sculpey for the legs. Torsos, head and rifle were parts I had cast in resin or metal for duplication.