Sunday, 27 March 2016

Fallen dwarf spearmen, and the first in a series of wizards...

It was Anvil Industries 5th birthday party on Saturday!

In addition to booze, food and cake I also managed to swipe the very first test casts of these miniatures. They are ace. I did a limited release of these in metal last year so I'm hopeful I can transition all the characters over to Anvil, and resin production.

Quickly photographed here are WIP sculpts for dwarves with double ended axe weapons (still to be designed). There's still a fair amount of sculpting to be done on these.

This is the first in a series of wizards I plan on doing. They will be part of the same world the Fallen Dwarves inhabit.

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  1. The characters are excellent and I can't wait for the new troops for the Fallen Dwarves to be released along with the Wizards, which are a rather pleasant surprise from the look of that sculpt (think I'll be painting mine blue).