Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Techno Communion Mold 1 is now going into early retirement.

I've sold enough sets to recoup the Mold/Production/Manufacturing costs, and secured a small stash of the minis for personal use: mission accomplished, thank you. (not bad, only took two weeks!)

I still have the original sculpts of course, and the metal masters, and the actual mold itself... saved for whatever the future may bring.

That's em gone for now!

In the meantime I'm pottering about with some conversions whilst I get enough sculpts finished for my next mold commissioning endeavors... more on that soon!

Finished Techno Communion scout conversions, ready for painting:


  1. Replies
    1. Drop me an email. If I can gather up enough people I can order in another lot of casts (minimum order is 10 sets from the caster...)

  2. flaming perfectly as some militia for dystopie, or alongside some Mad Max, Fallout or Brother Vini-ing. Excellent work!