Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fallen Dwarf Characters WIP

Some work in progress shots of characters for my Fallen Dwarves.

All the weapons are in the very early stages and there's lots of final tweaks to take place on all the miniatures.

I think my favourite is the downplayed captain with the bald head and the axe held propped on the ground. That's a tiger paw and fur around his back, he's a hunter... and he makes we want to make some berserker inspired middle eastern hunter Dwarves.

I was a little apprehensive about putting too much gore onto the high priest: a witch flame in his right hand and in his left hand... a bloody heart!

Whilst not entirely evil, the elites of the Dwarves will practice a blood and fire form of sorcery, in veneration of a giant fire demon entombed in a volcano which they worship (along with other forms of Jinn warriors and magma creatures). I've reasoned that this could easily be a goats heart or something...

The head was inspired by the sorcerer from Jason and the Argonauts who calls up the skeletons. As things progress and I work out what I can and can't fit into the one mold there's a chance I'll make a small alter to go on the base.

Early days on the Stone Golem, he needs a beard and some weapons/hands. This is around 50mm tall, reckon I'll get a couple of different arm poses from this.

Achieving a multi pose dynamic with the arms leaves a lot of unnatural gaps which I'm not happy with: it might be that the mini gets pinned and glued into the appropriate pose then a little bit of putty work is required to bulk out the inner arms (where it connects to the torso)


  1. Speaking of Evil Dwarves, did you see this?

  2. Now that's a different use for them.

  3. these look awesome (as usual) - will they be sold by yourself or through Anvil?

    oh, and the tank stefmanovic posted the link to is mine btw - just about to start painting it now.

    I used the drummer model from the command set, and left the top of the drum in place - with his hands on top of it, it looks like a steering wheel! :-D

    1. I think it unlikely that Anvil will be taking on any more MOTN miniatures but you never know, I think Anvil is breaking into bigger and better things! These will probably be available in limited numbers directly from me (cast in metal).

  4. Awesome. Take my money!