Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Inspiration gather

My website is slowly being updated and I'm about to order in a lump of Desert Insurgent stock to place on sale. Low volume initially so give me a heads up if anyone wants a pre release set and I'll fast track it. I expect the price to be around £14 for the 9 miniatures. P&P still to be concluded, payment via paypal (or credit card without a pay pal a/c).

I've also managed to clear my schedule next week to get stuck into sculpting and designing again after a month of painting! Naturally I have a lot of Sci-Fi sculpts in progress that I'll be rounding off and completing.

Design work is about to start on a new project and I've taken a quick pic of the inspiration pile I'm going to be immersing myself in for the next few weeks. I stopped spending money on lots of miniatures years ago.... I never stopped buying books though. This lot will be front and centre on the bookcase for a while.


  1. Liking the new site! Very curious to see where this is gonna head into.

    Will the new material still be related to the Redemption Sector, or is it a totally new entity?

  2. Yeah it's Redemption Sector but it's radically different to the original stuff. No God Emperor or religion!

  3. Oh intriguing! I'm digging the idea of discovering different aspects of your universe!

    By the way, you probably remember this picture, but I just had to post it again! http://stefmanovic.tumblr.com/post/7281499313/heretics-of-dune