Monday, 16 October 2017

Greek mythology - scale comparison and compatibility

So here's the final post in this little series for now, showcasing the scale comparison:

(left to right in the above image)

  • Victrix plastic torso, converted using MOTN metal head and arm parts
  • MOTN hoplite miniature
  • MOTN Faun archer miniature
  • Victrix Greek archer, converted to use a MOTN head.

I now need to clean up and prepare the masters for production molds... a painstaking task.

Final shots below, these were test sculpts with my dollies. Some of the arms are wonky but I painted them up anyway. Here I'm experimenting to see if I can do hoplites with the left arm and shield all single piece with the body (so only the head and right arm would be multi-part). I'll likely take this approach with my god specific warriors and regiments.

And lastly, my humble little conversion parts gracing the Victrix plastics.

Stay tuned for more Greek mythology developments.

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