Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Afterlife Null-Zone #1 - trooper thumbnails

I'm learning digital sculpting, and my pals at Anvil Industry are kindly hosting me at the studio in London for some training this week.

Here are some ideas I'm taking along. This was a free for all idea session, I could have done another 4 pages like this (I may still yet). I'll talk through the ideas with Anvil's creative director and hopefully take some elements from these to the next stage of design.

More on this project soon. Exciting times.


  1. awesome work! what software you using? Looking great anyhow

    1. For artwork I use GIMP, sculpting is zbrush!

  2. Oh oh oh.. exciting times :) Look forward to the results!

  3. love the look of some of these. exciting stuff!

  4. Head from first row of men second in with the 4th row 3rd man in would make a great officer head for a squad of guys with the standard helmet. Awesome looking guys.