Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Away for molding

Just about to send these dollies off to go into a mold. This photo looks like it's from the 80's but I took it quickly today.

I'll show them all off in detail in the near future once I've sculpted over the top of them! I'm working on another mold's worth of stock parts - heads, weapons, etc.etc. but the mold after that might be something I'll make available to folks.... Peacekeepers.

P.S. those new greatcoats will be used among other things to make these Redcoats:

P.P.S. any digital artists out there (better than me, easy...) interested in commissions drop me a link to your portfolio in the comments and I'll get in contact. Used universe sci-fi characters and environments for Rebellion Protocol.


  1. I'm not that experienced in Photoshop or anything, but I could do weapon/ship designs and also some architectural stuff if you'd be interested.

    My stuff is kinda spread, got some on DeviantART:

    A grimdark project I'm working on:

    Most of my material can also be found on my Photobucket, which I should probably sort out one of these days:

  2. Hey there, maybe you would be interested in my work as commissioned artist.
    You can check my work at this adres:

    or in the downloadable form from here: