Friday 20 October 2023

Hades Hoplites - 3D prints

These are all multi-part and interchangeable, printed at 28-30mm historical size - the same as the rest of the Atheros mythology range I have (which also match the size of Victrix plastics.)

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Mythology Terrain, Hecate Statue - 3D prints

More pics to follow on this project, this is a statue of Hecate in various forms.

Faun Slingers - 3D prints

I painted these up as underworld shades. They're printed smaller and I like them, and were a good exercise in understanding the style of a sculpt vs the intended print size.

I've always ignored people talking about "scale" when it comes to miniatures, it's more about size and style for me.

LOTR critters - Rangers of Shadow Deep (worms and wasps)

These are all 3D prints, which I'll make available once I decide on a retail platform.

Rangers of Shadow deep bestiary lists these, but I'm harking back to Tolkien and calling these Wereworms and Hummerhorns. In other parlance Mongolian Deathworm was always a real world cryptid I found amusing.

The haradrim spearmen might make a good handler for the worms...

Cydonian Helots - 3d prints

I printed these quite small (28mm) but they're only tests. I'd like another pass at the sculpts to add in more details and distinguishing features between them.

The concept is slave infantry in the minotaurs army.

Cyclops 2 - 3d Print

The second of my cyclops sculpts, better than the first, few tweaks to make to the pose then it's onto some detail and characterisation. This print is 50mm tall.

I'll be looking to retail these in the new year all going to plan. Platform still tbc.

Monday 16 October 2023

Frostgrave with Stormcast and Reaper, and Steamforge Games

To mix things up after a long painting hiatus I bashed together some basic minis and then went with quick paintjobs.

The Stormcast line made a good little wizarding warband, no frills. I think I converted a few, specifically the crossbow was scratch built and the hands sculpted on.

The orcs are from Steamforge Games Epic Encounters range, I really wanted to love them but the mould lines are horrible to remove. That said they are solid sculpts and I tried out the army painter speedpaints on them, over a monochrome basecoat (black spray, grey drybrush, white drybrush).

The wolf and the troll are Reaper Bones, painted the same way as the orcs - monochrome basecoat with army painter speedpaints over the top.