Rebellion Protocol

Gamification of ancient wisdom. Existential warnings from the future.

Rebellion Protocol is a living project. By that I mean it has and will continue to evolve and progress. As something which is metaphorically alive, you too as a living being are invited to partake. Learn from it, live it, play it and enjoy it.

On first viewing Rebellion Protocol is a game: it's playing pieces are finely crafted miniatures and it's landscape a meticulously constructed set of scenery, reflecting a future to be. This is simply a format for conveying information, a format that happens to be within my skill set and realm of interest. 

Rebellion Protocol operates on many levels, the first level being that of a game. The natural question is then, what are the rules and what are the objectives of the game? Rebellion Protocol is a fractal of the Master Game - where the the objective is the game itself. The destination is not important, only the journey. As one journey ends so another starts.

The rules of the game are derived from years of studying the esoteric and the occult, the metaphysical and the physical - that in it's simplest form being the laws of science and the laws of psychology. Not only study, but the implementation of knowledge achieved in our living reality.

It is that Master Game that has lead me to to commence Rebellion Protocol. Buy why package this into a game you might ask?

That art of developing as a person, on multiple levels , is the art of learning oneself. In many cases this is the art of learning what you already know, only you hadn't realised it and integrated it into your conscious focus. In most cases your knowledge and potential resides in the background of your unconscious, waiting for the right trigger - Rebellion Protocol seeks to be that trigger.

The format of Rebellion Protocol is therefore such that what we take as a harmless game in fact turns to be saturated with hidden knowledge and hidden meaning.

To speak plainly - the game is designed with logic and mechanics derived from ancient esoteric sources. The power, ability and effectiveness of a playing piece (a game character) is represented in the form of the ancient chakra system. In the narrative and 'fiction' driving the plot of the game, it will also be revealed to the player that the old chakra system is simply a representation of the endocrine system recognised by modern medicine.

'Wargame' is a label often applied to this format of game. On one level yes, the game can be seen as a war. But the design ethos and principle behind Rebellion Protocol applies penalties to the player who utilises force and lethal violence in achieving their game objectives. This even applies to psychological attacks within the game. 

Rebellion Protocol should be viewed as an artistic outlet for people who enjoy painting and sculpting, and an enlightened pass time for those who enjoy the field of esoterica, magic and mythology.

Updates will be reflected on this blog 'in universe' - in the form of messages and warnings from a future age. The mythos of Rebellion Protocol should serve as a warning from a possible future.